Hello, I'm Sig.  I develop cool things.

Updated website + more blogs

I’ve cleaned up my act.  It’s time that I regularly blogged about everything going on in the (technology) world that I care can gripe about.

I hope you enjoy my new site!  I plan to post multiple times a week on Android and iOS development, other Joomla projects I’m still working on, and how to take over the world (in 6 ~ 10 steps).

My resume is horribly out of date, but no matter! I pledge to update that within the next decade as well (it’s a bit farther down on my to-do list).

With a little luck, some of the stuff I blog about my be of interest to the other software engineers floating around the world.  I’m totally pumped to be attending O’Reilly’s Android Open 2011 conference.  Hopefully I’ll get to learn a heck of a lot that I didn’t over the three days.  A couple of my coworkers at SendMe are going as well, so it should be a pretty fun affair for us to see what the rest of the android mobile app world is doing.  At least those that have decided to trek to San Francisco.

Aside from that, I plan to post some new music recordings here and there on the site as I find time, and also post pictures of my adorable little nephews as I get new pictures in.  In addition I get some pretty nice photos from my other sister in Beijing, China (which I’m planning to visit early next year), which I plan to post as I get them as well.

My new years resolution was to blog more.  This marks the first blog post I’ve done in 2011.  As unimpressive as it seems, we’ll see if I can keep up to my goal and accomplish that little resolution I made such a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away…).